Friday, 1 August 2014

Thank you :)

It's my birthday today and it's the last day to download the live record. I'm playing at the Resonance Rock Festival in London at 12.30 this afternoon and The Fierce & The Dead are on at 8.30. 

Thanks for all your support this year. I managed to get the pedal I wanted with the money from the downloads. Expect organ madness very soon. That meant a lot to me. 

Gigs for the next 2 weeks:

Aug 2 2014 1:00pm The Bedford, London, UK Resonance Festival (2 sets solo and Fierce And The Dead)

Aug 3 2014 1:00pm    Rhythms Of The World Festival, Hitchin, HRT, UK

Aug 9 2014 1:00pm    Woodfest, Irchester, UK (2 sets solo and Fierce And The Dead)

Aug 10 2014 1:00pm Cambridge Rock Festival, Cambridge, UK

Aug 12 2014 8:00pm The Vortex, London, HACKN, UK with Susanna


And it's the last week to vote for me in the prog awards:

Thanks so much for all your support :) 

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