Tuesday, 24 September 2013

It's not Prog?

It's not Prog?

I must admit I really enjoyed the is it prog or isn't prog debate about Ark which is the first track be streamed off the new Fierce And The Dead record. It's in 5/8 with unusual chords and is completely instrumental, yet some people had the "it's not prog" thing. I don't honestly know. Or care much. My main interest is making interesting records and playing them live. You just don't think of stuff like that when you are making the album.  I love Sonic Youth as much as King Crimson. 

I'm sitting here listening to the half completed tracks for my solo record, need to get it ready to send to the guest musicians on it next. I can't wait to play you it. It's like Jesu/Crimson/Mahazvishnu stuff then some electronic stuff then some soundtracky stuff. I'm really pleased with it, so far. 

Rehearsal for Ards Guitar Festival this morning, recording Lucid this afternoon then a meeting with BEM tonight. Busy busy :) 

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