Sunday, 25 August 2013

A Night At The Peel

I had a night at The Peel, with a lovely supportive crowd. As a last minute stand in for my friend Simon Godfrey who couldn't play. Simon is a lovely bloke.

Some people really don't like what I do:

Doug Anderson "What a great evening it was. Three cracking acts and a last minute replacement that provided a nice gap to go for food. Having just the tree acts would have given Mr So&So a full set which would have been splendid.
My wallet is lighter but my CC collection is 7 larger."

I shortened my set to get the night back on track, I had no control of the running order, I didn't know I was playing until the day before. I thought I was helping out a friend not ruining Mr Anderson's evening. I hope he enjoys his CCs. 

I think my solo set was going somewhere but I'm not sure where, more improvisation, more weird noises. Is that appropriate to these gigs? I don't know? I know I'm going to take a break from UK solo gigs until the new solo album is out in 2014 after this run of shows. 

I love the audience at The Peel and I'm forever grateful for their support. They really listen and are a lovely bunch of people. 

I really enjoyed what I saw of the other bands sets. Talented people all, and everyone was lovely. Real sense of community. I know most people wanted to see Simon. So did I! Twang is still the best promoter out there, what a decent bloke.  

All my studio albums are available for a quid each for the next day at my bandcamp.

Speak soon, dear friends.

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