Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012, What was all that about?

2012 was a bit of a weird year for me. 

I had to get a day job, to support my family (and it's a job that I'm lucky that I enjoy, that's interesting and challenging) but it left less time for music. And we had the most amazing little boy who is wonderful but also keeps you busy. I often feel guilty i am not spending enough time with him. 

So I thought I know I'll stop gigging and focus on Fierce And The Dead. 

Well, that didn't happen. I ended up doing loads of solo gigs and a FATD tour. It was a very busy year and I got no where near finishing a new solo album, although we've started the new FATD one. 

Meeting supporters and online friends at gigs meant a lot to me, lovely people. Thank you :) 

Highlights of the year

My son, my wife and my family. I love them so much. 
The Stabbing  A Dead Horse - A wonderful tour. Before we did these dates it took us a while to find ourselves as a live band but it all seemed to come together for this tour. 
Solo gigs - Supporting Daevid Allen from Gong, Celebr8 and various festivals and gigs with various friends from The Reasoning to Manning. 
The ON VHS EP - It seemed to go well and I'm still proud of it, they are all great musicians and friends and I love playing in the band. 
Audience and press support - Makes a massive difference and does keep you going. 
Playing on other people's records - Cosmograf/Nine Stones Close/Shineback. I enjoyed that. 

Shite stuff:

Another friend passing away. Gutted. 
Lack of time. 
Losing focus. 

Goals for 2013

Make lots of videos and do online gigs. 
Spend more time with my wife and son. 
Losing weight - I need to get fit. I need to be there for my son. Fact....
Release a Fierce And The Dead album. 
Release a solo record. 
Expand the audience, without compromising the music. 
Tour outside the UK. 
Get some help with the music career - what that might be I'm not sure.....
Do some collaborative projects... (can't talk about them at the moment). 

Generally more recording, less gigs. We'll see how that goes, (won't count my chickens) 

Thanks so much for all your support in 2013. It means a lot to me, you are are an amazing audience and I'm very lucky. 

Thanks loads


Matt Stevens

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