Saturday, 24 November 2012

Post rock?

Sometimes my stuff and the music of The Fierce And The Dead gets called "post rock" a genre that's vaguely defined at best.

Slint or Mogwai or Tortoise or Godspeed are the most often called upon examples. Well although I do like some of those bands it's not something i listen to a lot or is a real influence.

What we do is more what happens when you mix King Crimson and Husker Du and The Smiths and loads of other stuff from the Mahavishnu to Carcass to Nick Drake to Portishead. It's all in there, it just comes out as this stuff.

One review of the first Fierce And The Dead record said we'd ripped off loads of Post Rock bands I'd never even heard of, which i must admit is frustrating. I dare say they came from the source we did.

I'm going to do a post rock show soon with my friend David on his podcast and pick out some of the more remarkable bands, I'll let you know :)

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Anonymous said...

great post...i'm never sure how helpful these labels are anymore,except for luddite marketing men,which now given the direct link between artists and audience seem less me the name of a group and their personality could be more defining than the name of the supposed genre...

post rock to me simply implies the same intention that prog rock once had in the early 1970's...


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