Saturday, 10 March 2012

How do you keep things fresh? Time to make some changes.

Its a funny thing making records. 

The trick is to make it feel fresh and new. Different and exciting. 

What made a good album once often won't work the same again, like you can't go back to Narnia twice the same way. I think you need to work with new people and expose yourself to new ideas and influences.

A classic example of this is Bowie's Berlin sequence of records. Bowie has constantly worked with different collaborators to expose himself to new working methods. Eno famously used his Oblique Strategies cards to contrive random events and new recording experiences. (and I'm not saying I'm a David Bowie).

I think if I want to continue to make records I need to go away and come back. Find new working methods because I have hit a bit of a dead end post Relic. I've loved working with The Fierce And The Dead and I'm really proud of the new EP. Who knows how long this will continue for but I hope we can at least make another album.  

At the moment funding has become a problem, I am a new dad and have some serious responsibilites. I can't just make records, I can't support my family with earnings from music (god knows I've tried) so the time i have to make music is seriously limited with lots of non music work and i want to try and spend time with my son, when possible. 

I'm not sure when I'll make another solo record. Not this year anyway. Maybe in a few years. Maybe the next thing will be a collaboration, I'm pleased to say I've had some cool offers. I'd really like to make a record with multiple collaborators. 

I sure am going to miss it all after the next few gigs, part of me wants to keep on doing the solo loop shows but its better to move on before people get bored. 

I'd love to have a chance to tour properly but I don't think there is any more I can do on my own, I need help. We'll see. I'd love some help, but I've not quite got to the right point. Really difficult to be honest.

I've talked to a few managers...we'll have to see how things work out.  

All change.


martin atkins said...

i'd be happy to chat with you at some time about all of this - i'm a father of four boys and, i gettit happy to point you at a few things that might tip the balance a little....
Martin Atkins

Steve Lawson said...

Since Grace And Gratitude in 2004, I've finished each solo album with the feeling that I've said all I have to say in that format. There were 2 years between G&G and Behind Every Word, then another SIX YEARS until 11 Reasons... However, each one had basically the same 'formula', which has remained a constant-yet-evolving approach to solo performance since my first solo experiments in 1997.

Mixing it up is definitely a smart move - every time I've done a collaborative project it's taken my own playing, ideas and process to new places. I've now got about 8 hours of duo stuff from the last year that I need to mix/master and put out. Very little editing is required, cos I'm really effing fussy about who I'll do duo gigs with ;)

find the right collaborators, start with ideas that don't cost you anything but the investment of trust and time, and see what happens.

Just enjoy the ride!


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