Sunday, 19 June 2011

New Live Album Out Today - Pay What You Want



I have a new 7 song 40 minute live album/EP out today:


It is just me, a guitar and a loop pedal in front of an audience at the Electric Garden Festival. There is a full review of the festival here


Pay what you want or free - if you do decide on the free option please tell your friends, word of mouth is really important. If you just tell one person or burn someone a disc it makes all the difference. If you can share it on Twitter or Facebook or a forum I'd really appreciate it. 


Funds raised go to getting the recording done on album number 3. I only need to do another few more days on it and it is done. We're also about to run out of Ghost on CD, it will probably be out of stock for a while so if you want one its here.


Thanks loads for your support



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