Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Results and ustream this Sunday

So its been a busy couple of weeks. For the last few weeks I've had my music on Bandcamp on a Pay What You Want basis(radiohead style) - the amazing thing is how many people want to pay for music even when they don't have to - the average price paid for the album was the album was around 3 quid. A lot of people did get it for free (cool - thanks for the free promotion) and some paid as much as twenty quid - amazing. Good will goes a long way I reckon. A night on the town with an old friend - hes just moved to Hong Kong - its amazing how far we're all spread out to now: IMG_0566 I had my MRI scan today - hopefully my back will be sorted soon - looks like a slipped disc apparently: IMG_0570 MRI machines are NOT designed for big men. This Sunday I am on ustream doing a christmas gig - 8pm UK time - full info at www.mattstevensguitar,com and international times. Free live streaming by Ustream See you Sunday Matt Stevens

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