Saturday, 14 June 2008


10.16 am I've finished my speech for the wedding, and done the playlist for the music(yes it does include Dexys Midnight Runners). Weddings are very stressful. Ordered £250 worth of booze online(I enjoyed that). THIS TIME NEXT WEEK IS MY WEDDING DAY!!!!!!! Do i need one of these? casio dg20 midi guitar They sound a bit odd.An eighties vision of the future - genius. I'd feel a prat playing it thou(it sounds shite). They do sound crap in a very engaging way: I found this Portishead with Chuck D doing machine gun- class, I've done a new podcast - music from, me and Luis Angulo and lots of me talking with a nasty cold. And some news about Guiraoke... Have a look at this the sixty one- a great site for getting feedback on your music with a massively enthusiastic community. Its like myspace was a few years ago. Cheers MS

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